About Castle Rock State Park

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Geology of the Park


Goat Rock

An outstanding feature of Castle Rock State Park are the sculpted rock outcrops that are found in many areas of the park, but primarily along Castle Rock Ridge.  These rock outcrops, called bosses by geologists, are formed from very thick layers of Vaqueros Sandstone which have been exposed at the surface.  The smooth and rounded rock shapes are interrupted by unique formations called collectively tafoni.  Geologists believe that finger pockets to whole cave systems are carved out of the rock by a chemical “cavernous weathering” process which occurs because of the rock, rainwater, and the wet winters and dry summers of California’s Mediterranean climate.

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Newest Event

PCRF Board of Directors Meeting – Feb 16 Change of Venue

Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Las Cumbres Community Center

The first 2017 PCRF Board of Directors meeting will  take place on February 16  at the Las Cumbres Community Center 1PM -4PM.  Members and the public  are welcome to attend. […]

Latest News

Winter Storms Effect Access to the Parks

Portola Redwoods State Park There was a landslide on the Portola entrance road that trapped five visitors inside the park. The landslide has been cleared, but it will likely continue […]