Castle Rock Projects

 New Entrance and Informative Panels -2016



Through a generous grant from REI, the Foundation has created a new entrance panels for Portola Redwoods and Castle Rock State Park. The new entrance panels introduce visitors to the natural feature of the park and also includes a number of suggested hikes, graded by hiker ability , which explore different aspects of the park. These are  part of a larger project to bring more information to park visitors.  The Portola Redwoods panel was installed next to the Visitors Center in September 2015.  The Castle Rock Entrance panel was installed in the  main parking lot in August 2016.  and will be updated and moved moved to the new entrance when it opens in 2017.  Other informational panels in the works for Castle Rock include orientation panels featuring  the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail to be place strategic locations  and panels describing the park’s Low Impact Climbing philosophy.


Graffiti Removal Project (2015)

Over the years Castle Rock has suffered an increasing amount of graffiti vandalism by a small percentage of park visitors. These unsightly markings on signs, trees and rocks are eyesores and detract from the visitor experience to this beautiful gem of a park.  In 2015 the Portola and Castle Rock Foundation spearheaded an project to remove the graffiti from rocks, signs and trees.  For more details, visit the descriptive post.




Demolish Derelict House (2013)

Demolish of Derelict House

For many years an out-of-service Ranger’s quarters has been in derelict disrepair adjacent to the trail camp in Castle Rock SP.

The Foundation funded demolition, asbestos removal, and site restoration in cooperation with State Parks in early 2013.

Remediate Tire Dump (2014)

Manually hauling tires up hill

Manually hauling tires up hill


Over many years, prior owners of land now within Castle Rock State Park used the forest as a dumping ground for thousands of waste automobile and truck tires. These tires are an immediate pollution hazard and a ticking-time bomb in the event of a fire.

The Foundation sponsored the removal of these tires in October 2014 in cooperation with  State Parks , the South Skyline Fire Safe Council and Cal Recycle. See Tire Removal Post.

Interpretive Shelter Roof Replacement

Interpretive Shelter Roof Replacement

A short walk from the trail head in Castle Rock is an interpretive shelter that explains the natural history of the forest ecosystem. This shelter was constructed in 1970 and its roof has outlived its useful life. In conjunction with installation of new interpretive panels and the opening of the new entrance at the trail head, we plan to replace the defective shelter roof.





Newest Event

PCRF Board of Directors Meeting – Feb 16 Change of Venue

Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Las Cumbres Community Center

The first 2017 PCRF Board of Directors meeting will  take place on February 16  at the Las Cumbres Community Center 1PM -4PM.  Members and the public  are welcome to attend. […]

Latest News

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