Climbing at Castle Rock

CLimber on Castle Rock

The Vaqueros Sandstone outcrops in Castle Rock State Park have been used for climbing for over 100 years, with a dramatic increase in use in the past decade. The sandstone’s relatively hard exterior and the unique cavernous weathering (tafoni) make these rocks very desirable for rock climbing and  bouldering. The rocks in the park represent a unique, limited, and very valuable resource to the climbing community. As a result of changes in rock climbing and increasing numbers of climbers, the Castle Rock Climbers Committee, consisting of volunteers from the local climbing community, works with California State Parks in dealing with park climbing issues. Climbers who have concerns about climbing issues within the park should contact the park for current policies or for questions.  The basic philosophy of the climbing community is “Low Impact Climbing”.   For more on Low Impact Climbing, click here.

Rock Climbing classes at all levels are available from our partners at REI and other professional outdoor adventure outfits such as, Castle Rock Climbing SchoolOutdoor Adventure Club, Treks and Tracks, and others.

Map of Popular Climbing  areas in Castle Rock State Park


Climbers map

 Climbing Rocks in Castle Rock State Park



Unnamed Rock on ADA Trail
Parking Lot Rock -1
Parking Lot Rock - 2
Jumbalia -1
Magoo Boulders 1
Magoo Boulders 2
The Beak (2)
Castle Rock 1
Castle Rock 2
Lower Graveyard Boulde
Pyramid Rock 1
Pyramid ROck 2
Chew Tooth
View from Top of Cal Ridge (2)
Looking down the face -Cal Ridge
Cal Ridge Profile
UnderWorld  2
Shady Rock 1
Shady Rock 2
Playtapus 1
Playtapus 2
Muffins 1
Muffins 2
View of Goat Rock, Billy Goat Rock and Last Temptation Cliff view from the Muffins
Goat Rock
Billy Goat Rock
Last Temptation Cliff
Looking Down the Falls
WaterFall Cliff -right
Water Cliff from Base
View from Ridge Trail
Mt. Doom

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