How to I cancel a donor subscription agreement?

When Members join the Portola and Castle Rock Foundation – on line or by mail – they can join and make one annual payment or instead make a smaller monthly donation equal to the annual payment after twelve months. This is why the annual donation amounts in the Become A Member Page may not equal the stated amount to the penny – for the web site we must adjust to a dollars-and-cents amount evenly divisible by 12.

New Members who join by monthly donation achieve full benefits for their donation level with their first monthly subscription payment.

We recognize that some Members may wish to cancel their donation subscription to the  Foundation.  Please send an email to BRivera@nullPortolaAndCastleRockFound.org to cancel or make changes to your subscription.

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Do Contributions to the Portola and Castle Rock Foundation Qualify As Tax-Exempt Donations?

Yes, the Portola and Castle Rock Foundation is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization. All donors receive appropriate tax-exemption information and contribution documentation. Our EIN is 94-3151586 and our latest IRS Form 990 can be downloaded here. Our Board of Directors meets quarterly at the Portola Redwoods State Park Visitor Center and all meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a Board meeting, email us at info@nullportolaandcastlerockfound.org.

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What else can be done to support these park jewels?

The Foundation supports both parks, funding interpretive programs and displays, building a volunteer program and working with partners to invest in needed infrastructure improvements. You can learn more about these programs for Castle Rock State Park here, and Portola Redwoods State Park here. You can donate here.

In addition to supporting us financially, we welcome your volunteer support. Volunteers support these parks in a broad range of capacities. Learn how you can join the volunteer team here.

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What is the current outlook for Portola Redwoods and Castle Rock State Parks?

As the official cooperating association for these two parks, we have worked with the California Department of Parks and Recreation to keep these parks open.

Save the Redwoods League, Peninsula Open Space Trust and the Portola Castle Rock Foundation signed a Donor Agreement to keep Portola Redwoods State Park open for one year from July 1, 2012.  Sempervirens Fund, with support from the Portola and Castle Rock Foundation, also signed a Donor Agreement to keep Castle Rock State Park open for one year from July 1, 2012  Both agreements were then extended in 2013.

The Foundation doesn’t  anticipate that the parks will be as all parties are working to improve the sustainability of both parks. However the budget for Parks is uncertain. We need your support as members to demonstrate strong community support for these park jewels.


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What is the Status of the new Entrance for Castle Rock


In 2014, the Sempervirens Fund initiated plans to build a new entrance to Castle Rock which included much needed improvements.  These included a new parking lot, visitor’s center with running water, flush toilets, picnic tables and other amenities.  On Sept 30, 2014 the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors approved construction of the new entrance on a Christmas Tree Farm adjacent to the park.  The property will eventually be transferred to the state park.  The first Phase of the Project is underway.

The residual Christmas trees have been cleared and the construction foundations for the Parking Lot, amphitheater are being installed.  The relatively dry winter has facilitated the construction.


It is tentatively planned to have the grand opening of the new entrance in the fall to coincide with the 5oth Anniversary of Castle Rock becoming a state park.

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Is the PCRF a Non-profit Organization?

Yes, the PCRF is a Non-Profit Organization – see Form 990 below.

PCRF Form 990

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