Raising the Roof on The Castle Rock Interpretive Shelter

A short walk from the trail head in Castle Rock is an interpretive shelter that explains the natural history of the forest ecosystem. This shelter was constructed in 1970 and its roof has outlived its useful life. The PCRF, with a generous grant from our Partner REI, has sponsored creation and installation of   new interpretive panels in the shelter.  Over the 40 years since it was constructed, the original shake roof  suffered extensive deterioration.  In spring of 2019 we funded the re-roofing of the shelter.  The new roof is shown on the right above during a Parks Docent training.

Newest Event

People at Castle Rock

Saturday, September 21, 2019 - Kirkwood Entrance, Castle Rock State Park

Our partner, Sempervirens Fund, will  be hosting a series of celebrations of the new Kirkwood entrance to Castle Rock State Park.  The next is “People at Castle Rock,” with presentations […]

Latest News

Children and Families at Castle Rock

There was a “Children and Families at Castle Rock” celebration at Castle Rock State Park! PCRF and Sempervirens had booths and activities, and led guided kid-friendly hikes.  This was part […]