Rebuilding the Ramada in Portola Redwoods

From 1943 to 2011, Park visitors extensively used a Ramada structure, located adjacent to the Campfire Center and surrounded by second-growth Redwoods. The Ramada has been the site of many family and group events such as weddings and family reunions, and as an inclement weather shelter for multiple generations. The Ramada may be reserved by groups for special events, is available for general picnicking use and also provides a meeting and project area for the Jr. Ranger interpretive program.

Working with Donor partners Peninsula Open Space Trust and Save The Redwoods League, the Foundation funded the rebuilding of the structure while maintaining the look and feel of the original.  The old structure was demolished in 2014 and work began on rebuilding it in early April 2016.  The rebuilt Ramada opened mid- Oct 2017.



Rebuilt Ramada



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