Refurbishing the Danny Hanavan nature trail

Stop 8 on the Danny Hanavan self guided nature trail by the Castle Rock trail camp is the chimney from the old Craig family farmhouse, built in 1910! Did you know there was a farm here for a generation? And later, a summer camp where the trail camp is now?

(Did you know there was a self guided nature trail by the Castle Rock trail camp? ­čÖé

The Danny Hanavan trail was endowed in the early 70’s by a local family in memory of their child, who had loved Castle Rock State Park during his tragically short life.

The trail is almost 50 years old, and no longer in good condition. We’re working on refurbishing the trail, replacing the posts, and producing a new self-guided brochure, to enhance the experience of the many visitors to this part of the park. ┬áIf you’d like to help, or just make a donation, you can do so from the membership page:┬á

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